Choosing the Right Filter for Your Compressed Air System

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While systems that use compressed air have made industrial processes easier, faster, and more efficient, they also need more of your attention compared to other systems.

For optimum performance, the air that flows through pneumatic systems needs to be at the right temperature and pressure. At the same time, it’s also important that the air is clean and free of toxic and corrosive chemicals. Not only is this important for the health of your workers, but also for the functionality of machines.

When impurities clog up pneumatic tubes and other components, their efficiency greatly reduces. This leads to wear and tear and higher operational costs. This is why you need to choose the right air filter for your compressed air system. Here’s a guide to help you out:

Coalescing Filters

This is a double-layered filter that comprises two different components. The inner layer is a coalescing stage that’s made of thin fibers. These fibers catch droplets of mist, water, oil, aerosols, and other liquid condensates.

The outer layer is known as the courser stage. While the inner layer traps droplets, the outer layer drains them. The outer layer forces the filtrate out into the housing. This process takes place when wet air passes through the filter.

Activated Carbon Absorbers

Compressed Air System

Activated carbon absorbers target vapors and odors. Their function is to lower emissions that are being exhausted to the atmosphere. This makes the air safer to breathe.

This type of filter contains small absorbing beds that absorb harmful gases until a saturation point is reached. Some filters also contain carbon drum systems, but the use of this methodology is limited to cases where air pressure is low. These solid beds contain an absorbent, which is activated carbon in most cases.

Industrial Pre-Filter

Industrial pre-filters are widely used to remove solid condensates, pollens, dust, debris, and dirt from compressed air. These are multi-purpose filters with a variety of industrial applications, including the pneumatic systems. What you get as a result is a cleaner work environment and airflow.

The efficiency of an industrial pre-filter depends on the pressure and flow of air. In some pneumatic systems, you might even have to use an additional pump is the flow is too low. This filter is often in the form of a sieve which doesn’t let particulate pass through the pneumatic system. This sieve is made of a stainless steel screen that has holes to keep the debris from passing through.

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