nylon air hose

Purchase Nylon Air Line Fittings Online

Utah Pneumatic houses an impressive and vast range of nylon air hoses, now available on the online store for easy viewing, comparison, and ordering. Whether you’re looking for a line for your air brake system, fluid transfer, or air line tubing, we’ve got you covered. From reinforced to medical grade tubing and clear varieties, the options are endless. Our hoses are sourced from leading vendors in the industry, and come in a variety of makes like rubber, polyurethane, nylon, and more. If you’re looking for a reliable tool to transport pressurized air to your valves and actuators, Utah Pneumatic is here to help. The standard hose consists of an inner layer, braids and spiral fiber, and a protective outer layer. Together, these layers help further the pressure.

Nylon tubes are ideal in the market given their moisture-absorbent natures which make them resistant to corrosion. Stabilized for UV and heat, it resists stress and cracking masterfully. All these characteristics makes nylon air hoses ideal for outdoor application use since they are constantly exposed to the sun.