Utah Pneumatic OC2000-01.02.03 Air Drying System Filter Regulator Lubricator - Air Particulate Filter 5 Micron Coalescing Filter Modular Combo 1/4" NPT - Manual Drain, Poly Bowl Flow Rate 1700 L/Min

  • $45.90

utah pneumatic filter, regulator, and lubricator are combined to provide clean, lubricated compressed air at your required pressure.
Regulator is relieving style so it exhausts when the downstream pressure exceeds the set pressure.
Filter and lubricator bowls are clear so you can monitor the contents inside.
Install filter/regulator/lubricators in your air line before the equipment you wish to protect.
Use a joiner clamp to connect your filter/regulator/lubricator to another modular component.

  • Air Source Treatmenet Unit Port Size Npt 1/4"
  • Operating Pressure Range (0.5-0.8mpa) 22-123 Psi
  • Max Flow Rate 1700 L/Min
  • Ambient Temperature -10°C To 60°C(14 To140 °F )
  • Filter Precsion 5µm