Utah Pneumatic Push to Connect Air Fittings 1/4" Od 8pcs Combo Kit 2 Y Spliter 2 Tee 2 Elbow 2 Straight Fittings for Plastic Tube Connect Push Pneumatic Fittings

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Size Name:combo 3/8" od

User's Guide
1. Except air and water,don’t attempt to use the fittings on other fluids
2. The tube fitting is prohibited where spark and fire might be occurred
3. The tube fitting is prohibited if water temperature is above 60’C
4. Never apply tube joint with additional external load(bending,twist or
pulling),otherwise damage or leakage will be occurred.
Check the end of tubing for a right angle cutting and check the external surface of
tubing for any damage or scratch.Please refer to following instruction in connection
of tubing.When you insert the air tubing into the joint,you will have two-step
feeling.Section one is locking claw and section two is sealing ring.Must insert tube
into section two.
Sleeve is used in tubing connection and disconnection.The sleeve is designed as an
oval shape,which is covienient in assembly and disassembly.However,round sleeve is
available to met any special demand the product has limited space for oval
sleeve.After connection of tube joint and tubing,always try to pull tubing and ensure
its firm connection.
Always use proper tool to tighten external hexagonal and internal hexagonal parts of
the tube fitting.Always apply recommended torque on screws otherwise extra torque
might damage thread and cause air leakage while insufficient torque might cause
loose screws and air leakage.
After Screws are tightened,you may adjust the direction of tubing with most of our
tube joint.If it is hard in adjustment,you may apply recommended torque to turn
screw to adjust direction of tubing.

  • utah pneumatic push to connect: air and water Pressure Range: 0-1 Mpa145 psi Max pressure:1.5 Mpa/ 217 psi/15 bar Temperature Range 0-60°C | 32~140°F Applicable Tube: PU/NYLON/Soft PE hose fitting
  • Easy to install This tube connector is available in various styles and models . Each model to serve its purpose. All models of push lock fittings are designed to suit your pneumatic piping needs perfectly
  • You can easily change the tubing connector direction even after installation. The release ring of conforms with the ellipse design to ensure that the disconnecting of connect push is in good shape
  • All push to lock contains internal hexagonal holes this enhances the installation process in a narrow space.push connect fittings Can be dismantled and assembled easily These Push In Fittings Meet The Pressures And Temperatures Mentioned
  • At Extreme Temperatures In Places Close To Heat Sources we Would Recommend Our Connect Push Brass Which Is More Resistant To High Temperatures We Are Ready To Answer Any Questions Related To Our Connect It Fittings