push to connect brass fittings

Buy High-Grade Brass Fitting

Push to connect brass fittings, a regular for anyone working with pipes and plumbing, are available in great variety at Utah Pneumatic. Whether you’re looking for elbow, straight connect, mini ball valves, or tee connectors, we’ve got them all. Our durable and corrosion-resistant fittings are made from high-quality brass and are sourced from reliable vendors. The rings inside the fittings are engineered specifically for a tight grip, ready to fit into any sockets they’re inserted in. Buy our brass fitting to make joints for PEX, copper pipes, and CPVC easier. Their push and fit mechanism make the job far easier, quicker, and longer-lasting—and any layman could handle them easily.

Combi and pressurized systems, heating and cooling mechanisms, plumbing can all benefit from durable push to fit brass fittings. You can now buy them online from Utah Pneumatics. Browse through the extensive collection to find out exactly what you’re looking for.